VIC Kart Championship Round 3 Race Report

Round 3 of the Victorian State Kart Championship Series was held at the Oakleigh Go Kart Racing Club on the 15th, 16th and 17th of May.

Cool overcast weather greeted the rivers for day 1 of practice on Friday but with the weather clearing Friday night, qualifying and racing was contest over two perfect sunny days on Saturday and Sunday.

Restricted 125 light

11 drivers were competing in the Restricted 125 light class with the 23 kart of Brayden Flood taking a clean sweep of the weekend and taking a big win in the final ahead of the 35 kart of Bradley Winter and 9 kart of Jordan Rae.

Restricted 125 light on the roll arounds

Restricted 125 light #41 Joshua De Stefano


Restricted 125 light round 3 second place #35 Bradley Winter


Restricted 125 Light round 3 winner #23 Brayden Flood

Tag 125 Light

A big field of 19 drivers were on the grid for the Tag 125 light class with the 94 kart of William Hawekes getting out to the lead at the start of the final ahead of the 41 kart of Michael Carless. Careless soon took the lead going up the inside in the infield section with Hawekes being shuffled back into the pack, 2 crashes occured on lap 3 and on lap 4 another crash this time bringing the race to a stop with the red flag, while one of the drivers was checked over. On the restart the 24 kart of Bradley Marsh-Stepney tried a big move on the leaders into turn one but braked slightly late and had to go through the cut through to retake his position. The 41 of Careless went onto take the win ahead of the 98 kart of Rohan Kinens and 24 of Marsh-Stepney.


Tag 125 Light #41 Michael Carless leads #94 William Hawkes in the opening laps


Tag 125 Light #28 Jamie Westaway ahead of #86 Timothy Edwards and #99 Mitchell Mackay


Tag 125 Light #98 Rohan Kinens and #24 Bradley Marsh-Stepney fight it out for second and third


Tag 125 Light round 3 winner #41 Michael Carless

Restricted 125 Heavy

In the Restricted 125 Heavy class there was a good battle for the race lead between the 18 kart of Samuel Morrow and the 99 of Peter Gigis, with Morrow leading the first half of the race, but on lap 7 on the main straight Morrow’s kart appeared to lock up and cease an engine at top speed and Gigis showing great awareness to avoid any contact. Gigis went onto claim victory ahead of the 7 kart of Timothy Martin and the 5 kart of Christopher Szysz, with the unlucky Morrow forced to watch from the sidelines.


Restricted 125 Heavy #18 Samuel Morrow leads #99 Peter Gigis and #7 Timothy Martin in the opening laps


Restricted 125 Heavy round 3 fourth place #34 Kim Sherlock


Restricted 125 Heavy a close battle for the first half of the race between #18 Samuel Morrow and #99 Peter Gigis


Restricted 125 Heavy round 3 winner #99 Peter Gigis

X30 Light

In the X30 light class the 94 kart of James Sera took a clean sweep of the weekend ahead of the 36 kart of Daniel Rochford and 14 kart of Leigh Nicolaou.


X30 Light #94 James Sera leads #36 Daniel Rochford and #14 Leigh Nicolaou


X30 Light class #94 James Sera and #36 Daniel Rochford


X30 Light class #94 James Sera leads #36 Daniel Rochford and #14 Leigh Nicolaou


X30 Light class round 3 winner #94 James Sera

Tag 125 Heavy

In the Tag 125 Heavy class the 4 kart of Scott King who had run 2nd all weekend was able to find good form for the final taking the win ahead of the 54 kart of Aaron Hindle and the 43 kart of Justin Carless.


Tag 125 Heavy class #92 Ryan Aitken and #3 Ashley Seward


Tag 125 Heavy class #24 Stephen Simpson and #40 Anthony Westaway having a close battle


Tag 125 Heavy class second place #54 Aaron Hindle


Tag 125 Heavy class round 3 winner #4 Scott King

Clubman Light

In Clubman Light the 94 kart of James Sera took the victory from the 33 kart of Justin Francis with the 34 kart of Jordan Nicolaou 3rd.


Clubman Light class grid forming up on the roll arounds


Clubman Light fifth place #12 Matthew Mclean


Clubman Light 2nd place #33 Justin Francis


Clubman Light 1st place #94 James Sera

Clubman Heavy

In Clubman Heavy the 14 kart of Leigh Nicolaou took the class victory ahead of the 20 kart of Remo Luciani and the 4 kart of Phil Smith.


Clubman Heavy class opening laps #14 Leigh Nicolaou leads #20 Remo Luciani, #4 Phil Smith and #95 John Reynolds


Clubman Heavy class #95 John Reynolds ahead of #25 Dylan Slits, #7 Christopher Thomas and #44 Justin Bonacci


Clubman Heavy class second place #20 Remo Luciani


Clubman Heavy class first place #14 Leigh Nicolaou

Junior National Light

A big field of 19 karts started the race in Junior National Light with the 85 kart of Angelo Mouzouris getting out to lead ahead of the 40 kart of Corey Arnett and 11 kart of Matthew Beninca. Beninca passed Arnett for second and half way through the race Arnett dropped down the field suffering mechanical problems sustained from an earlier incident in the weekend. Mouzouris went onto claim victory ahead of Beninca and the 78 kart of Zakkary Best.


Junior National Light final race about to begin


Junior National Light class 4th place #55 Jordyn Sinni


Junior National Light class 2nd place #11 Matthew Beninca


Junior National Light class 1st place #85 Angelo Mouzouris

Cadet 9

In the Cadet 9 class the 56 kart of Damon Woods and the 5 kart of Brodie Thomson had a great fight for the lead for the entire race, with Thomson sitting on the rear bumper of Woods every lap with Woods driving well and holding his nerve to go to claim the win ahead of Thomson and the 11 kart of Jack Lawson.


Cadet 9 class final race about to start


Cadet 9 class 4th place Anton Hortis


Cadet 9 class 5th place Spencer Rice


Cadet 9 class #56 Damon Woods and #5 Brodie Thomson had a great battle for the lead for the entire race

Junior Nation Heavy

In the Junior National Heavy class the 60 kart of Cody Donald took a clean sweep of the weekend ahead of a pack of karts who were swapping positions all race including the 27 kart of Simon Fallon, 66 kart of Benjamin D’Alia, 40 kart of Bryce Woollard and 13 kart of Troy Alger.


Junior National Heavy class about to enter the main straight for the race start of the final


Junior National Heavy class into turn 1


Junior National Heavy class fighting for second the #27 Simon Fallon, #66 Benjamin D’Alia, #40 Bryce Woollard and #13 Troy Alger


Junior National Heavy class round 3 winner #60 Cody Donald

Cadet 12

The biggest field of 26 karts in the Cadet 12 class also produced the best final of the race weekend, with the 9 kart of Jay Hanson getting out to a slight lead ahead of a close following pack including the 34 kart of Cooper Webster, 26 kart of Kai Allen and 25 kart of George Gower all running nose to tail in the early stages. With 8 laps to go Webster took control of the lead from Hanson with Hanson being shuffled back. With 4 laps to go it was the 26 of Allen who took control of the lead and went on to claim a great win from the 25 kart of Gower who drove well to come through the field, ahead of the 9 of Hanson and Webster with all drivers putting on a great display of close wheel to wheel racing. (Results updated, unfortunatley #26 Kai Allen was disqualified after the final, meaning 1st place went to #25 George Gower, 2nd place #9 Jay Hanson, 3rd place #34 Cooper Murray)


Big field of 26 karts in the Cadet 12 class about to greet the race starter


Cadet 12 class into turn 1


Cadet 12 class had a great battle between #26 Kai Allen, #34 Cooper Webster, #25 George Gower with #15 Fletcher Harris not far behind


Cadet 12 class round 3 1st place to #25 George Gower and 2nd place to #9 Jay Hanson (#26 Kai Allen unfortunatley suffered a DSQ)

Junior Clubman

In the Junior Clubman Class 3 karts go out ahead of the pack with the 95 kart of Aaron Cameron leading the way from the 71 kart of Dylan Hollis and the 27 kart of Simon Fallon. Cameron and Hollis ran nose to tail for the entire race until with 3 laps to go Hollis took the lead, onto the last lap and into turn 1 Cameron tried to take the lead on the inside under brakes but the 2 karts touches wheels and Cameron got slightly air born over the top of Hollis with Cameron ending up in the gravel trap and Hollis going on to claim victory ahead of Fallon and the 73 kart of Harrison Carr.


The start of the Junior Clubman class final


Junior Clubman class #95 Aaron Cameron leads #71 Dylan Hollis and #27 Simon Fallon


Junior Clubman class #95 Aaron Cameron lead most of the race until a DNF on the last lap


Junior Clubman class round 3 winner #71 Dylan Hollis


Well done to everyone competing and officiating at the meeting, we hope to see you at the final of the first Victorian State Championship Series at the Eastern Lions kart Club from the the 19th to the 21st of June, Supp Regs are now available entries close Monday 15th of June.

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