Karting Victoria is involved in the administration, organisation and promotion of the sport of Karting in Victoria in-conjunction with our 17 affiliated clubs and national body. 

We offer a wide variety of options to promote your brand through our valuable advertising and sponsorship packages.
See the basic details below or contact the Karting Victoria to discuss these options.


  1. Karting Victoria “Kart Series or Individual Race Meeting” sponsor
    Your advertisement will be shown on any marketing materials (website, social media, race programs, supplementary regulations) and mentioned via commentary during race weekends at the specific series or race meeting you are interested in sponsoring.

  2.  Karting Victoria “Partner” sponsorship level
    Your advertisement will be displayed in the “partner” section of all Karting Victoria produced media, including website, newsletter, facebook/twitter and instagram social media channels, as well as any promotional posters.

  3. Karting Victoria Kart Race Meeting “Naming Rights” sponsor
    Your business name will be incorporated into the title of the race meeting, all related Karting Victoria media, including website, social media channels, calendar, supplementary regulations, race programs and commentary at the track. Contact Karting Victoria to find out more information about this advertising option.

  4. Karting Victoria website advertising and banner options
    If you would like your banner to display on the Karting Victoria website, social media or other digital media channels, multiple options are available.

    Option 1 – Top banner
    A banner is placed in the header of the website and displayed on all pages of the site. Your banner will be put into an even rotation with other banners.

    Option 2 – Special advertising placement options
    Your logo can be placed into specific parts of our sites design.

    Option 3 – Dedicated webpage on the Karting Victoria website
    If you don’t have a website but still would like a webpage to display your information, an individual webpage can be setup to work on the Karting Victoria website and domain name.

    Option 4 – Social media advertising
    If you would like to advertise your message on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts, Karting Victoria social media options are available.

    Option 5 – Email mailing list advertisement
    Your banner and website link can be placed into the email that is sent out to the Karting Victoria mailing list.

  5. Club track side sign sponsor
    If you would like to advertise trackside on a billboard or track sign at a specific kart club please contact Karting Victoria to find out more information about the advertising options available. Clubs offer various sizes and options.

Contact Karting Victoria to find out more information about these advertising options.