Metro Series Round 3 integrated into City of Melbourne

Metro Series Update:

As many of you will have seen, last week it was announced that the City of Melbourne meeting at GKCV has been rescheduled to the 24th of October which was supposed to be the third and final round of the Metro Series.

Unfortunately with so many meetings having already been postponed this year and the need to try and find dates somewhere in the calendar for them it wasn’t possible to secure a date for both City of Melbourne and the Metro Series.

We don’t want to leave the championship unfinished for all of you that supported us by coming and racing so we have decided that the final round will be incorporated into the City of Melbourne. Drivers who have competed at the first two rounds of the Metro Series will earn points towards the series while also competing for the City of Melbourne title.

It’s a little unconventional and we understand that not everyone will agree with this decision but we hope you understand we’re trying to do our best in testing times. We will have further details on how the points score etc. will work a little closer to the date.

Oakleigh Go Kart Racing Club