KV COVID update August 20th and latest calendar update

Karting Victoria Covid update: 20th August 2021

In light of the escalating COVID issues facing all States, combined with the prevailing border restrictions, it has become necessary to make a decision on the calendar for the remainder of the 2021 year. There have been some significant meetings removed to be able to achieve a fair and equitable outcome for all clubs

The clubs impacted by the cancellation of meetings have been involved in discussions about that decision. To a fault these clubs have been generous in their support for the clubs who have not had the opportunity to hold an open meeting in 2020 and so far in 2021. The focus of VKA has been to ensure that all clubs are able to run an open meeting this year.

The VKA Executive extends thanks in particular to the Go Kart Club of Victoria and the Albury Wodonga Kart Club for their generosity, understanding, and their support of those clubs.

We truly hope this is the last revision that is required, but this virus can throw a curve ball with no notice. Therefore, VKA reserves the right to update the calendar if circumstances demand it.

The revised calendar is attached for your attention and will be published to the VKA website in due course.

Yours in karting,

August 20th Updated calendar

11,12 Club Day Weekend    
25, 26 Club Day Weekend    
  We suggest that there be collaboration between clubs, as there was in this similar situation in 2020, to maximise the opportunity for participation where clubs are geographically proximate    
2,3 Victorian Country Series Round 4 Wimmera  
10 Club Day Weekend    
16,17 Golden Power Series Round 4 Bendigo  
23, 24 Victorian Country Series Round 5 Hamilton  
7 Club Day    
13, 14 Victorian Country Series Round 6 Ballarat  
20, 21 North West Titles Mildura  
27,28 Golden Power Series Round 6 Gippsland  
3-5 Victorian State Cup Rochester  
11 Karting Victoria Presentation Night Melbourne  


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