Karting Australia COVID Update August 4th

Good Afternoon,
It feels as though it was just yesterday that there were many people believing that the worst of the restrictions and chaos caused by the Covid Pandemic was behind us, unfortunately the past few weeks have taught us that is well and truly not the case. As we thought at the start of 2021 that it may be the case (but hoped that it would not be so), this year is in many ways proving to be even more of a challenge than 2020.

We all need to remain vigilant, flexible and ‘ahead of the curve’ with everything we do. This is not just the case in what we do regarding the spread of the virus but also in the attitude towards the sport of karting.

With snap lockdowns appearing to be the current trend being enforced by State Governments, we need to be prepared to change tack at any moment and be prepared for change from what has been the new normal for a number of months to 2021 COVID normal again. This is particularly so when it comes to rescheduling events over the coming few months and also in how race meetings are run.

Please take the time to re-familiarise yourselves with the COVID-19 event organising and running requirements that were put in place last year and that are STILL IN PLACE.

That means such things as having your COVID signs in place – if they look tired, replace them with new ones. Make sure that your dining and food service protocols are still being adhered to. In particular, where density quotients are in place, make sure that they are followed, and don’t as a club do things that will bring too many people into close contact with each other. Please still use the written or recorded driver briefing sheets in place of the massed gatherings.

Our resources and messaging are all still available online so if you need to use them they are still readily available: https://www.karting.net.au/administration/covid-19-information

Now, more than ever we need to consider the lessons that we all learned last year and put them into practice to ensure that the sport continues in an upward trajectory out of the Pandemic once again. For example could be as the days get longer (or if your Club has is able to race under lights), looking at an opportunity to run short, sharp events on late afternoon/early evening for a limited number of classes in a different format – like outlined here in Karting Australia’s Fast Kart Format document that was distributed last year.

We announced to the Australian Kart Championship Competitor base yesterday, it is our full intention to complete the entire five rounds of the Championship (three have already been completed). Currently, we don’t anticipate that the next round will be held before October 1, however, this is subject to change if restrictions ease sooner than currently predicted. Where Restrictions allow, Competitors are encouraged to support their local Club and State events as much as possible over the coming months while remaining within their home state. It is also our current intention that the Ultimate Club Racer II Event will proceed as scheduled in Murray Bridge, South Australia on November 5-7, 2021.

Detailed below is a summary of the Restrictions across the Country that may affect our sport:

South Australia
Karting Events can resume as of this weekend.
• Up to 1,000 people can be in attendance
• Face masks are recommended for anyone over 12 years of age while not competing
• Sport is now a reason to travel across the border within the 70km buffer zone

Club Competition can resume as of this weekend.
• Open for all ages, training and competition.
• Density quotient of 1 person per 4sqm applies
• Up to 300 people can be in attendance
• Limited to minimum number of people required to participate in and facilitate the activity (i.e. players, coaches)
• Spectators not allowed (excludes people necessary for events such as teachers, instructors, trainers, coaches, umpires, carers, parents and guardians) • Additional Covid Check-In measures are required as per the Karting Victoria Memo to Clubs on Friday July 30.
• Sport is now a reason to travel across the border within the ‘bubble’. However, people crossing the border must not travel further than reasonably necessary to participate at their closest circuit hosting an Event.

New South Wales
Stay at home orders apply to Greater Sydney including the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong and Shellharbour until 11:59pm August 28, 2021.
• Anyone from these regions, or anyone who has visited these areas, should not attend a Karting Australia venue until after 11:59pm August 28, 2021.
• Events and Social Karting Activities can continue at Karting Australia venues outside of the above areas with a maximum of one person every four (4) square metres. Masks are compulsory for all attendees.

Stay at home orders apply to the 11 Local Government Areas in South East Queensland until 4pm Sunday August 8, 2021.
As a result, karting activities in these regions cannot take place until the end of this lockdown or until further advice is provided. Anyone from these regions, or anyone who has visited these areas, should not attend a Karting Australia venue until after 4pm Sunday August 8, 2021.

Northern Territory, Tasmania and Western Australia
Aside from the Government-enforced travel restrictions, there is no change to the restrictions that have been in place for several months, however, it serves as a reminder for all Clubs to be vigilant.

We hope that you and your family stay safe during these challenging times.

Best Regards and Stay Safe
Kelvin O’Reilly
Chief Executive Officer

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