Karting Australia Alcohol Policy


Karting Australia Alcohol Policy available in PDF from this link

Australian Karting Association Ltd trading as Karting Australia (“KA”) believes that the presence of alcohol in individuals whilst participating in motor sport is unsafe.
Therefore, KA is committed to fulfilling its duty of care to protect the safety of all karting participants and spectators by implementing measures that will reduce the risk of injury.
Alcohol misuse can lead to unsafe, inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour, drink-driving and other alcohol-related harm. Excessive consumption of alcohol will not be an excuse to unacceptable behaviour, particularly behaviour that endangers others or breaches the law, KA Rules, this policy or any other policy of AKA and/or its Members

This Policy aims to encourage and promote responsible attitudes and practices to alcohol through leadership and support. Clubs, and individuals covered by this Policy have a role to play to help promote responsible drinking in society.
KA is committed to conducting its activities in a manner that encourages responsible service and consumption of alcohol.

Applies to
The policy applies to the KA Board, employees, and contractors, Officials, Volunteers and Members including but not limited to Drivers, Parents, Participants, Competitors and Team Members (“Covered Persons”).

This policy is intended to achieve the following objectives:
1. Establishing benchmarks for responsible alcohol consumption and reducing the harm associated with excessive alcohol consumption is in the interests of karting at all levels and the wider community.
2. KA believes that all people involved in its activities, whether or not in the public arena, should be able to enjoy the sport without unlawful behaviour or public nuisance or disturbance and be treated with dignity and respect.
3. Achieve responsible service and consumption of alcohol by Covered Persons.

Under KA rules, the maximum permitted blood alcohol content during a KA permitted event is 0.01mg/100ml. Any Covered Persons found to exceed this amount will be excluded from any further participation in the Meeting and may face further penalties.

The consumption of alcohol by any Covered Persons in the Paddock, Event headquarters or any section of a competition venue under the control of the Officials of the Race Meeting is strictly forbidden until all practice and/or Competition has concluded for each day of an Event or Race Meeting.

Covered Persons must:

Not at any time present for Practice or Competition evidencing consumption of alcohol or be affected by illicit drugs;
Not engage in excessive use of alcohol that leads to behaviour that is deemed unlawful, creates a public nuisance, and/or public disturbance, and/or disturbance to a fellow Covered Person;
* Not consume alcohol on board any motor vehicle whilst representing KA or officiating for KA and/or whilst travelling to or from, any KA sanctioned practice, Competition, Event or function;
* If attending a function associated with KA where alcohol is served, ensure that a responsible approach to alcohol consumption is taken. Any consumption of alcohol must not adversely affect any Covered Persons behaviour, performance or safety or the performance or safety of others.

Officials who are officiating at an Event must not consume alcohol at an Event until such time as their responsibilities as an Official at the Event have been completed on each day of the Event.

Clubs have a responsibility to ensure they meet legislative requirements with regard to alcohol management within their Club.

Individual responsibilities
Covered Persons must accept responsibility for their own behaviour and take a responsible approach and use good judgment when alcohol is available at all times during an event or while attending a KA Permitted event even if it is during the period of each day during which competition or racing is not being conducted.

KA expects that Covered Persons who are undertaking activities associated with karting shall at all times where there is alcohol usage:

Behave in a dignified and professional manner that promotes and upholds standards of integrity, dignity and professionalism;
* Not over imbibe alcohol such that they start to exhibit signs of intoxication that may include amongst other things: slurred speech, impaired balance, poor coordination, reduced inhibition, becoming aggressive or belligerent, and exhibiting inappropriate behaviour such that it is reasonable in the circumstances to believe that the impairment results from the consumption of alcohol;
* Act as role models for KA, their Club and individuals in the sport of karting;
* Not put themselves, other Covered Persons or the general public at risk of serious physical and social harms;
* Accept that they are responsible and accountable for the choices they make and the consequences of these choices;
* Assist other Covered Persons if they have had too much to drink; and
* Take reasonable action to both prevent alcohol problems and address any alcohol-related issues as they emerge.