New Restricted Activity Directions were issued today by the State Government for both Regional Victoria and for Restricted Areas along with Stay Safe Directions (Regional Victoria) and Stay at Home Directions (Restricted Areas). These Directions are in force until 21 October 2021.

During the period these four Directions remain in force competition is prohibited in the State. This includes both Club Day racing and Open Meetings.

On track activities continue to be permitted but only for Clubs that are not in a Restricted Area with the same conditions as they are currently running. Specifically:
• Open for all ages for training purposes only;
• Resident of Restricted Areas are not permitted to attend a circuit in Regional Victoria;
• Spectators are not allowed;
• Drivers under the age of 18 may have one parent/guardian in attendance;
• Masks are mandatory inside and outside unless wearing helmet or an exemption applies;
• No shared equipment;
• Limited to the minimum number required to facilitate the activity;
• A COVID-19 Check-In Marshal must be in attendance as per Victorian Government requirements;
• Location checking must be carried out by the COVID-19 Check-in Marshal in accordance with State Government requirements.

Once 70% of the State’s population aged 16 and over have been fully vaccinated there is a possibility that Social Karting Activities may be allowed for Oakleigh Go Kart Racing Club and Go Kart Club of Victoria, unless the Restricted Activity Directions (Restricted Areas) (No 17) override it.

Based on “Victoria’s Roadmap: Delivering the National Plan”, competition will only be allowed once 80% of the State’s population aged 16 and over have been fully vaccinated. The projected date for this is a moving target. When the Roadmap was published on 20 September 2021 the projected date for this target to be reached was 5 November 2021. Unfortunately, the latest projection issued by the Victorian Department of Health on 23 September 2021 now has that date as no earlier than 11 November 2021 and as late as 16 November 2021. This date will continue to change as actual daily numbers replace the assumptions used in their modelling.

If the 80% target mentioned above is achieved by 16 November 2021, then there are only five weekends available on the Calendar with seven Open Meetings remaining to be run.

At a meeting this morning Karting Victoria decided to cancel all Open Meetings for the remainder of the year. This decision has not been taken lightly, but we believe it is the only one that provides certainty and delivers a fair outcome.

In arriving at this decision, one of the factors we took into consideration was the uncertainty facing competitors, clubs, and karting equipment suppliers which was creating doubt and an inability to make any concrete plans.

A significant factor in the decision to cancel those seven Open Meetings related to fairness and equity to all clubs. We are firmly of the opinion that, when State legislation allows it, all clubs deserve the opportunity to run race meetings to generate some desperately needed revenues rather than allowing just a few clubs to host Open Meetings.

When competition can start up again, we will open up all remaining weekends to be eligible for Club Day Racing. This does not mean that every club can hold a club day on every weekend. What this does mean is that clubs in close proximity to each other should collaborate to organise their Club Day Racing so as not to run concurrently. This will allow competitors to attend multiple Club Days increasing both participation rates and club revenues. Social Karting Activities will also be permitted during those weekends.

The Victorian Karting Presentation Night scheduled for 11 December 2021 has also been cancelled.

We fully understand this not an outcome that anyone wants, Karting Victoria included, but it is the fairest and most practical one in the circumstances. Karting Victoria’s disappointment as a result of making this decision is no less than that felt by all of the karting community.

Yours in Karting,
Victorian State President

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