Following the Premier’s press conference on Wednesday 31 August 2021 the latest Restricted Activity Directions and Stay at Home Directions have been published and the news is not good. Specifically, these are Restricted Activity Directions (Victoria)(No27) and Stay at Home Directions (Victoria)(No8)

1. The lockdown has been extended, for all of Victoria at this stage, to 23rd September or until the 70% target of at least one vaccination for all eligible Victorians has been met;
2. The immediate easing of Restrictions from 11:59pm on 2 September relates only to the opening of community playgrounds and in-home childcare for authorised workers;
3. The major proposed relaxed Restrictions to come into place on 23 September are: a. Extend travel radius from 5km to 10km b. Increase exercise time within that from 2hours to three hours; c. Increase in density rates on constructions sites to 50%; d. Outdoor personal training for two people plus the instructor.
4. The Premier alluded to Regional Victoria (except for Shepparton) being treated differently to Metropolitan Melbourne with further eased Restrictions for Regional Victoria from next week.
5. The curfew is not being lifted in Metropolitan Melbourne on 23 September.

1. How long the Lockdown and Restrictions to be announced on 23 September will last;
2. When the Regional Victoria eased Restrictions will commence;
3. How far the Regional Victoria eased Restrictions will go in relation to community sport.

1. As a result of these latest Restrictions, and the proposed changes to them on 23 September, Club Days and any intended Social Karting Activities are cancelled for Metropolitan Clubs until further notice;
2. Club days and Social Karting Activities for Regional Clubs are suspended until the Victorian Government announces what the eased Restrictions for Regional Victoria are going to be;
3. Depending upon the nature of those eased Restrictions for Regional Victoria, Club Days and Social Karting Activities will either be re-instated or cancelled in Regional Victoria. Any significant Restrictions still in place from 23 September that prevent free movement around the State may put in jeopardy the Victorian Country Series and Golden Power Series rounds in early and mid-October. We will address this situation once details of Restrictions beyond 23 September are known.

Regrettably, just like all of you, Karting Victoria is not in any position to change these circumstances. We can only abide by the requirements of the State Government and provide assistance and guidance to ensure Clubs are best informed about how to comply with these requirements. After the lockdowns of 2020 our sport proved itself to be resilient with a resurgence in entry numbers in both the Victorian Country Series and the Golden Power Series. During that time, club volunteers and club administration teams worked tirelessly under trying circumstances to ensure the best outcomes for the sport. We all did it then. We can all do it now. There will be an end to this, and we will undoubtedly appreciate our sport all the more when it does come to an end.

Yours in Karting,


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