The 2021 Australian Karting Manual was updated on the 17th of February and can be viewed below

2021 Australian Karting Manual 17/2/2021 PDF

Karting Australia Rules page

Summary of changes

Definitions: Supplementary Regulations
Definition of Karting Activity Supplementary Regulations included.

Technical Rules Chapter 7, Rule 1 b)
Recommendation that chest and rib protectors compliant with FIA Karting Body Protection Standard FIA 8870-2018 are used.

MG Wet Tyre Code
MG Wet tyre prefix code changed – “SW” added
Competition Tyres – X30, TaG 125, KA1, KZ2, Open Performance
Social Tyres – all Classes (Tyres with both SW and WT codes are permitted.)

KA2 Class Licence Requirements
Minimum B Grade Junior Licence for all Competitions other than National Championship and Cup.