Victorian North West Titles at Mildura Results and Photos


Beautiful sunny conditions greeted the 104 drivers across 12 classes that were competing at the annual North West Titles at the Mildura Kart Club at the weekend (June 10th and 11th).
Well done to all the drivers and teams that competed and to all of the Mildura members, officials and volunteers for putting on a great event.
Checkout the podium placings below and some of the great photos by Madeline Lanza Photography from the meeting.

KA4 Junior Light class – sponsor Cloud Copy Click (11 drivers)
1st Corey HERBERTSON #25
2nd Kobi WILLIAMS #94
3rd Bronson BOULT #71
Fastest Qualifier Kobi WILLIAMS 36.735 seconds

TaG 125 Restricted Light class – sponsor Waters Excavations Pty Ltd (11 drivers)
1st Gerry WESTERVELD #71
2nd Bethany SIMPSON #66
3rd Michael YEO #19
Fastest Qualifier Gerry WESTERVELD 36.643 seconds

Cadet 9 class – sponsor Mildura Robinvale Freight Centre (8 drivers)
2nd Leo IANNELLA #69
3rd Annalise ELLIS #42
Fastest Qualifier CALEB SPENCE 40.300 seconds

TaG 125 Heavy class – sponsor Morello Earthmoving Pty Ltd (11 drivers)
1st Adam KING #3
2nd Andrew CASH #66
3rd Hayden SLATTERY #38
Fastest Qualifier Luke BERGENS 35.201 seconds

KA3 Junior class – sponsor Anderson Group (5 drivers)
1st Blake PURDIE #48
2nd Aidan SOLOMON #33
3rd Adam Jr SLATTERY #99
Fastest Qualifier Blake PURDIE 36.022 seconds

Cadet 12 class – sponsor Krasna Motors (13 drivers)
1st Christian COWIE #15
2nd Brocklan PARKER #7
3rd Brock HAND #88
Fastest Qualifier Christian COWIE 39.418 seconds

TaG 125 Restricted Medium class – sponsor James Harwood Homes (15 drivers)
1st Billy WESTERVELD #12
2nd Beau HUMPHREY #28
3rd Kris JANCZUK #77 Fastest Qualifier Timothy WATSON 37.286 seconds

TaG 125 Restricted Heavy class – sponsor DHM Partners (1 driver)
1st Joe BRANCATI #13
Fastest Qualifier Joe BRANCATI 38.327 seconds

KA3 Senior Light class – sponsor Mildura Formula K Go Karts (3 drivers)
1st Nicholas TREBILCOCK #86
2nd Natasha EMMINS #18
3rd Andrea PERRETT -FAHEY #90
Fastest Qualifier Nicholas TREBILCOCK 36.602 seconds

KA3 Senior Medium class – sponsor The Deakin Bakery (8 drivers)
1st Aaron JACKSON #13
2nd Andrew GOULD #33
3rd John RAY #11
Fastest Qualifier Aaron JACKSON 37.029 seconds

KA4 Junior Heavy class – sponsor Sunraysia Therapeutic Centre (5 drivers)
1st Adam Jr SLATTERY #99
2nd Aidan SOLOMON #33
3rd Maximus FAHEY #71
Fastest Qualifier Adam Jr SLATTERY 37.575 seconds

TaG 125 Light class – sponsor Monaghan Logistics (13 drivers)
1st Paul PITTAM #13
2nd Daimon GOODE #72
3rd Jacob DOWSON #98
Fastest Qualifier Connor FARR 34.332 seconds