Round up from the 4.5 Shamick Racing Enduro at GKCV

The 2nd running of the end of year 4.5 Shamick Enduro karting event was held at the Go-Kart Club of Victoria last weekend.

The unique event consists of 2 drivers sharing the same kart and pitting to change driving duties throughout the 4.5 hours with 36 karts and 72 drivers in total competing.

The drivers were presented with a perfect Sunday afternoon for racing, which was a huge contrast to the torrential downpour the event took in last years first running of the event. 

Many of the Australia’s most high profile karters were taking part in the event along with some current Supercar drivers who were stepping back to where they first began racing as juniors, drivers including Anton De Pasquale, Nick Percat, Chaz Mostert, Michael Caruso and James Goulding. 

Tag 125 and Masters Enurance Race

Top 10 shoot out fastest qualifier 74 Taylor Hazzard / Dylan Drysdale 48.491
1st 9 Ben McLellan / Cody Gillis – 0.000 287 laps
2nd 90 Declan Somers / Jace Linstrom – 14.413 287
3rd 1 Adam Lindstrom / Jason Pringle – 29.457 287
Cadet 9 Podium
1st 86 Ewan Anderson
2nd 96 William Calleja
3rd 23 Max Mangano
Cadet 12 Podium
Fastest qualifier Miley Miller 
1st James Agnostiadis
2nd Isaac McNeill / Max Walton
3rd Xavier Avramides 
KA3 Junior podium
Fastest qualifier Hugo Simpson
1st 17 Hugo SIMPSON- 1:00:25.822 0.000 – 48.301
2nd 21 Luke SAWYER – 1:00:38.657 – 12.835 – 48.411
3rd 9 Jake SANTALUCIA – 1:00:40.562 – 14.740