New Cadet licence rules to apply from January 1

Additional Safety Training Requirements for First Time Licence Applicants

From the start of January 2020, all Cadet aged drivers applying for their FIRST COMPETITION LICENCE will be required to undertake at least eight (8) hours of supervised driving practice before undertaking their Observed Licence Session (OLS) at their chosen Karting Australia Club.

The new Safety Training Requirements mean that a Cadet aged driver must complete at least eight (8) hours of driver training/practice on a Karting Australia licenced track prior to undertaking their OLS. The new Rule requires that:

“At all times while the Driver is undertaking the required training/practice, they must be supervised by either:
·A Parent who is the holder of a Participants License; or
·A person who is 18 years of age or older who is the holder of a racing licence issued by or recognised by Karting Australia; or
·A driving instructor/coach who is recognised by Karting Australia.

The person supervising the New Cadet Driver’s Practice sessions must complete the details of the practice undertaken on the New Cadet Driver Practice Log form which must be provided to the Official who conducts the Driver’s OLS before they are permitted to undertake the OLS.”

At the time of applying for their first licence, new Cadet aged drivers will receive a Practice Log Form by email that must be completed in just the same way that learner drivers on the road are required to log their practice hours. It’s a one-time-only requirement.

The OLS requirements to be undertaken before a new driver is permitted to commence racing remain unchanged.

“The new supervised practice or training requirements for our first time Cadet drivers is a logical and simply attainable step in the new licencing process,” said Karting Australia CEO Kelvin O’Reilly.

“Safety is of the highest importance in our sport and ensuring that our youngest drivers have received training in the basics of driving before they start to race will improve the overall experience for everyone on the track.”

A list of Karting Australia Recognised Driving Instructors and Coaches will be available on the Karting Australia web site. There is no fee charged for driving coaches and instructors to become “Recognised” by Karting Australia but the credentials of coaches and instructors will be assessed by an independent expert panel. All Recognised Driving Coaches and Instructors are required to provide proof of a current Working With Children Check.

The initial list of Karting Australia Recognised Driving Instructors and Coaches will be contacted in the coming days via email. If you have not received this email by December 6 and wish to apply to be listed as a Recognised Driving Instructor/Coach should email media@karting.net.au outlining their relevant experience.